It’s that time…

I’m mothballing this weblog.

Time to move on, methinks.

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All change…ish.

Having seen… nay, experienced what can happen in the space of a year, I was going to say that things can change within the space of five months.

But those changes are nowhere near as life-changing.
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Stop it!

I’ve seen one too many razor-sharp photo!

And I’ve just caught myself thinking, “Sharpen… unsharp mask… must produce sharp…”
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So, since December, there’s been a number of changes back here.

… and.. er… Happy New Year. Oops… sorry. 🙂
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Let it snow, let it snow…

’tis December. ’tis almost Christmas Eve. ’tis a while since my last post.

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C’mon y’lazy bugger..!

Urgh… has it really been over two months since my last post?

How my life has changed. No, really… it has.
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Life update, pt2…

Well, that’s the first time I’ve struggled for a title for a post. I know what this post’s about, but it’s not on just one subject. It can also be tied together on one subject though, so… hmm.

As always, the best place to start is at the beginning…
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